Marketing Automation Is Now a Must for Successful Campaigns

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As the lifeblood of any business, marketing is integral to attracting and retaining the desired target audiences and driving the growth of business revenue. With the marketing landscape becoming ever-increasingly competitive, businesses must do what they can to generate new leads, quickly preparing them for a sales-ready status. In this regard, marketing efforts must strive to build effective campaigns that drive further success for the business. Marketing automation is the ideal tool to enable businesses to support their campaigns to get to achieve the desired goals. Marketing automation can be utilized to accomplish the primary goals of any campaign. [...]

What does your Negotiation Style Cost you?

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During the 20th century it was a great advantage to a country to have a coastline. It meant better and faster trade, industry and development. However, researchers found that those countries in Europe that did not have coastlines were in fact economically more successful than those countries that did have coastlines. Why was this the case? The researchers’ main conclusion was that the more successful countries were better negotiators than the less successful ones. It is said that the Japanese spend an average of 13 hours in preparation for every hour of negotiations. Where does this leave the small [...]

Buying Customers Online

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I attended a seminar on the topic of how to buy customers presented by Brad Sugars fromActionCoach and felt that I should share some of his principles. How to buy customers: Brad said that we need to think globally – are our websites geared for international visitors? Buy lifetime customers, people that keep returning to buy more of your products and new offerings. He also stated that there is no way to kill a SME quicker than to discount or be the cheapest. Question: How many pages is your marketing plan? And how many hours do you spend on [...]

The Very Simple Key to Sales? Talk to Customers the Way They Want to Be Talked To

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The Very Simple Key to Sales? Talk to Customers the Way They Want to Be Talked To Article curated from Bill Green I was recently speaking to a group of business development managers at a large Philadelphia-based company. During the Q&A, I was asked a question I'd never been asked before: "How do you contact clients?" The answer was so obvious to me, at first I thought I misunderstood the question. "You contact the client the way you know they want to be contacted," I said. And to most of the people in that room, what I'd [...]