Being an entrepreneur is not easy and life can be very uncertain at times.

Growing up on a farm, the greatest uncertainty we were faced with was getting enough summer rain to produce crops to produce a great harvest. Growing up, I always thought that a Farmer’s life was tough because you cannot make rain. It is not in your control.

Over the last 25 years as an Entrepreneur, I have learned that there are many more factors over which I have no control – or at least very little. These could be things like:

  • A star employee can resign in the middle of a project
  • Customers that don’t pay you because they are waiting for payments from their customers
  • Marketing campaigns that yield zero results
  • The Accountant that steals millions before being caught
  • Employees that deliver very little through having bad attitudes
  • A business partner that robs you of millions.

The list goes on and on. What’s the bottom line? Business is tough and being an Entrepreneur takes a very definite kind of person. A person for whom I have only admiration and the greatest respect. These are the people that keep the wheels of a country turning, supplying employment and ultimately feeding the nation.

Sometimes this is a lonely path

Entrepreneurship can be lonely at times. There are business issues that you cannot discuss with your employees, customers or suppliers.  I have experienced this many times. “Should I expand into this area? Should I drop those services? Which is my best strategy here? In times like this, the uncertainty can make one feel isolated and produce loneliness.

But it can be exciting…

This is one of the reasons that I created ‘Why Elmo?’  Amongst my clients, I have become known as the guy that asks the not so obvious questions.  The good thing is that as an independent entity I can be a companion when you need one, but also independent enough to challenge you and take you to greater heights.

How I can help?

I have developed a few programs over the years that can assist almost any business to attain the growth that they need to.  Below are my top-selling programs. Please simply contact me if you need anything else.

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